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Form1042SForeign Persons U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding Goto www.irs.gov/Form1042S for instructions and the latest information.2020OMB No. 15450096Copy Afor Department of the Treasury Internal
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Who needs an IRS form 1042-S?

Internal Revenue Service requests form 1042-S from any non-resident alien individual, non-resident fiduciary or alien corporation that conducted business and received income in the territory of the United States.

What is form 1042-S for?

This form is called the Foreign Person’s U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding. This is an annual form for all alien taxpayers who run their businesses in the USA. With this form taxpayers inform IRS of their business activity and about income they acquired over the tax year. IRS officials in turn verify this information and provide legal approval for individuals and corporations to run their business on the U.S. territory during the next year.

Is it accompanied by other forms?

It should not be accompanied by other forms. However, it is important to know, that if a non-resident individual, fiduciary or alien corporation has already filed form 1040NR (1040 NR-EZ) or form 1120-F, and they did not conduct business over the tax year, they should not file form 1042-S at all.

When is form 1042-S due?

Non-resident taxpayers must file this form with the Internal Revenue Service by March 15, 2017. The recipient of the income reported on the form must also obtain their copy of the filled out 1042-S by the same due date.                         

How do I fill out an IRS form 1042-S?

There are three copies to fill out. First of all, taxpayers must provide one copy to the IRS, keep one copy to their own records and send one copy to the Withholding Agent. There are several copies to complete and attach to any state tax return taxpayers are going to submit.

Where do I send it?

Taxpayers must file this return with Internal Revenue Service electronically or by mail. The mailing address is:

Internal Revenue Service

1201 N. Mitsubishi Motorway,

Bloomington, IL 61705-6613

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Welcome again everyone and thank you very much for joining us today for a presentation by Jill dim trial with compliance technologies international I am Lauren Skinner Dawson and I will be your moderator for today's event before we get started I'd like to cover a couple of housekeeping items first of all to facilitate efficiency and respect everyone's time everyone will be on mute for the duration of the event so if at any time during the presentation you do have a question please type it in either the QAR the chat box in the panel on the right-hand side of your screen we'll take some time at the end of the event to review all of the questions and attempt to answer as many as we can live today but we do apologize in advance if we're unable to get to your specific questions now before I introduce our speaker speaker for today I'd like to get a better understanding of how 10 42s reporting affects our audience through a couple of polling questions the first question is how many 10:42 s forms are you going to file this year a 0 to 50 B 50 to 200 C 200 to 500 or DS 500 or more I'll give you just a minute to answer that question thank you very much we do have one other polling question that we'd like to run by you in just a moment the second question is with the new 1042 s reporting requirements do you see your 1042 s reporting requirements increasing by two times five times ten times or I don't know again I'll give you just a moment to answer that question great thank you for your participation in today's poll and without further ado I'm very pleased to introduce Jill Tim TRO Jill is a vice president at compliance technologies International she joined CPI in 2007 as it was being established by partners in the law firm of Furth staples and Maynard she has 10 years of experience working with US financial institutions multinational corporations and qualified intermediary managing their day-to-day compliance obligations under the IRS Section 1441 and 3406 rules prior to joining CTI miss dim TRO specialized in information reporting and withholding as a manager with PricewaterhouseCoopers her work has involved large global financial institutions as well as technology energy pharmaceutical and biotech companies with that I'd like to welcome Jill hi thank you for the introduction all right so today we're going to discuss completing forms 1040 2 s and 1042 there's been I wouldn't say a ton of changes in these forms except for the fact that they've been there's been a lot more attention paid to them and the accuracy with which they're completed in the past few years so because of this attention we really want to focus on getting these getting these done correctly and making sure we know exactly what needs to go on each of these forms so I'll start with this 1441 reporting requirement for forms 1030 to s so a form 1040 to F is an information return report it's if you took non-us persons or you might hear people refer to them as nras non-resident aliens then...
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